What is the full meaning of AISL?

AISL stands for Adoration International Services Ltd.

Is AISL an accredited NCC partner?

Yes, AISL is an authorized NCC partner with exclusive rights to sublicensing the NCC Digi programme to schools across Nigeria.

What is Ofqual?

Ofqual is the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation. Ofqual is a qualifications, examinations, and assessments “watch dog” or regulatory body.


What is the full meaning of NCC?

NCC stands for National Computing Centre. NCC is an awarding body and a global provider of British Education founded in 1966.

What is Digi?

Digi is an accredited digital education curriculum for children ages 5 – 16.

What areas of digital education does the Digi curriculum cover?

The Digi curriculum is built on four core pillars: coding, computational thinking, online safety, digital literacy.

My school is primary only, can I enroll my students for the Digi programme?

Yes, the Digi curriculum starts at primary school level.

My school is secondary school only, can my students enroll for the Digi programme?

Yes, Digi is a flexible curriculum and schools have full control on the delivery that best suits their needs.

I am an adult learner, can I enroll for Digi?

Yes, adult learners can enroll for Digi at an accredited center.

Do I receive certificates after I complete Digi?

Digi students are assessed after completion of each of the key stages. Successful candidates are awarded a Certificate of Achievement. Digi final year students receive Level 2 Award in Computing certification.

What is Level 2 Award in Computing (L2AC)?

L2AC is an Ofqual regulated qualification. It is the highest level of computing programme for secondary school learners.

After Digi, what next?

L2AC graduates can enroll in our entrepreneur mentorship program, start their own business, seek employment and/or continue their education. Whichever path our graduates choose, we provide resources that can help them achieve their future goals.


What is AIOBS?

AIOBS stands for Adoration International Online Business School.

What is the Nigerian equivalent of the AISOBS course levels?

Level 3 is equivalent to foundational year or Higher National Diploma (HND) in Nigeria. Levels 4 – 6, are first to third year, respectively, and Levels 7 is master’s entry level.

What resources does AISOBS have for enrolled students?

In addition to access to our schools’ portal, which houses the handbook, learning materials, tutor resources, students also have access to study, peer, career, wellness resources as well as, professional body memberships.

Can I pay my school fees in instalments?

Yes, but your certificate will not be released until payment is completed.

Can I complete the last year of my programme online?

Yes, AIOBS students can complete their final year online, but we advise students who can afford it to have an on-campus experience.

Will “online student” appear on my certificate, if I enroll as an off-campus student in my final year?

No, “online student” will not be written on your certificate. Your certificate will not be different from that of an on-campus student.

Will I be eligible for a 2-year graduate visa after the online post graduate course?

Yes, students who successfully complete their online post graduate course, will be eligible for a 2-year graduate visa.

Will I be eligible for a 2-year graduate visa if I finish my masters online?


Will AIOBS secure my travel visa?

No, AIOBS only provides professional advice and resources on securing a travel visa.

Will AIOBS assist in securing my employment in the UK?

No, AIOBS only provides professional advice and resources on securing employment.

Is the 2-year graduate automatic?