About US

AISL Consulting is an emerging educational outfit positioned to equip and give a robust exposure to children of ages 5-16 years in a competing digital world, making them to be at par with their peers in advanced countries.

Having acquired a formidable knowledge in information technology through AISL with Overseas certification and other related subjects from their primary and secondary schools) AISL will facilitate the transition of students to study overseas in colleges and universities all over the world in conjunction with our overseas accredited partners, who have created a customised world class programme to the delight of students within Nigeria in a blended form of teaching.

Huge discount is being negotiated on fees by AISL as against individual student direct processing. SCHOLARSHIPS can be arranged on a case by case basis.

Every process required is handled at AISL smoothly, stressfree. No Universities to Negotiate with, No interviews, No exam to write, No parents involved, No visa arrangements for the first 2 to 3years( based on study plan)No flight tickets and accommodation arrangements.

In addition to school fees payment, parents need not worry about sourcing of foreign exchange , this is a support service rendered by AISL to the delight of parents.


We are creating a world in which quality education is achievable for those in our community


We provide tools and resources that are accessible and affordable, needed to empower communities in Nigeria in achieving empowerment through quality education


Providing accessible and affordable quality educational services to adult and young learners across Nigeria